Even though New Year's is a month past, gyms are still packed, with very diligent people trying to love their holiday weight. However, as we've noted before, not all gyms are that great with retaining their customers, and Noah Brier has detailed what Gothamist can only call insanity. A six-month member at the Kips Bay Crunch, he had headed over there to work out, but was told his membership was up. Then he asked if he could work out (since he was there and ready to), think about renewing, and then come back later to renew. But it's not that easy in Crunch World: Noah was told to either pay a $25 daily fee or renew for a whole year on the spot - $799. After arguing with Crunch management, Noah did what any sane person might do: Hightail it out of there and join NY Sports Club. Though the COO of Crunch did reply to Noah's complaint letter and offer a month of free membership to try it out, this sounds pretty close to Gothamist's dealings with Crunch, where many employees seem more ornery than they need to be.

Crunch was the target of a lawsuit from a man who claimed his trainer "pushed him too hard" and Ask Gothamist discussed various ways to lose weight.