phpDgqJJNPM.jpgNYMag calls the time of death 30 years ago this month: when Nancy Spungen was killed at the Hotel Chelsea. The story of her October 12th murder, followed by Sid Vicious's arrest and death, and years of confusion as to who actually had her blood on their hands (many believe it to be the drug dealer) has all been poured over time and time again. The Mag now looks at the incident in relation to the NY punk scene's demise. A resident of the hotel at the time noted that “There was a lot of hope at that time. The music was catching on. A lot of it hinged on Sid. He seemed to be the last one carrying the torch. When he died, we all felt like it was over ... the war was over and we’d lost.” Where did punk go in the afterlife? It morphed into a "worldwide brand, predictable, devoid of significance," and something both Sid and Nancy would likely have come to despise. In the article Legs McNeil also pontificates on what her reactions would be to the current state of the city, sneering at a girl talking in a restaurant on her cell, he said: “I don’t know who the fuck they’re talking to. Where’s Nancy when you need her? She would have hated it here. She wouldn’t have lasted a minute."