Next Monday night, the Upright Citizen's Brigade gets the first installment of Paid Programming, possibly the first comedy show to dedicate each show to an infomercial product. The inaugural product is the Restform Highrise Airbed, "a bed so durable it can be used by both a grizzly bear and a professional wrestler," and the show will be filled with "amazing demonstrations, hilarious clips from the infomercial itself, and real prank calls made to the infomercial's order line." Yes, we're taking this information straight from Paid Programming's own blog, which has MP3s of prank calls, too. The show starts at 8PM and tickets are $5.

And, for Gothamist readers, creators Charlie Todd (founder of Improv Everywhere) and Chris Kula are extending a super special offer: When you reserve for the show at the UCB site, if you list Gothamist as your first name (think "Gothamist Jones"), you're be entered into a drawing for 2 free VIP tickets to the show where they'll actually be seated on a Restform bed. The winners will be chosen at random and contacted by 5PM on Monday. In the eternal words of the infomercials, act now and reserve here.