2007_01_foxy.jpgThat Foxy Brown. We thought that her guilty plea and acceptance of three years on probation plus anger management was the end of her smackdown with the staff at Bloomie Nails in Chelsea ages ago. But, no, Foxy, nee Inga Marchand, had an incident with the anger management clinic staff at the Shore Parkway facility in Bensonhurst. Naturally, this wound up in court again.

A lawyer for probation officials says the rapper became "physically harmful" when she was given a bill for the anger management class. However, Brown's lawyer, State Senator John Sampson, says she was asked to pay $180 in cash when "Probation had told her the sessions cost $30. And my client is not supposed to pay in cash."

Sampson added that Brown called him while she was being shaken down, "I could hear 'Ken' berating my client. I could hear my client telling him, 'You know what, I don't want to get into any physical altercation with you. You're trying to push me.'" Well, then, the classes worked! But that is weird, demanding she pay in cash. And was the counselor seriously trying to mess with Brown by getting her upset? This does sound fishy.

The judge ruled in Brown's favor and will let her finish her classes at a private facility. Brown said, "Yes! This was my first positive experience in court." We suppose pleading guilty "by accident" is now fun.