2006_05_arts_gibbard.JPGThursday night we attended the release party for Death Cab For Cutie's Directions DVD (even though it was at Marquee). An interesting thing happened there. We were standing with Scott (who you know as Stereogum.com) and Nick Harmer (who you know as the bassist for Death Cab For Cutie), and Nick asked us to take a picture of him with Scott. He scrambled for his camera, handed it to us, we took the shot, he took a Stereogum t-shirt and the two bonded. He was citing old posts as a fan would cite lyrics...he was a fan of the blog.

Blogs like Stereogum started out years ago because of a passion for music. We're pretty sure if you checked the archives of that site you would find plenty of Death Cab posts. Now, the bands actually read the blogs, the bloggers are invited to their parties...and the band requests photos with them. This is a very bizzaro view at a new reality, musicians becoming fans of a blog that started because the writer was a fan of the musicians. Our collective head has just exploded, read more at Stereogum. (At right you will see that Ben Gibbard is also a fan of the blog, we should really start carrying around Gothamist t-shirts!)

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