Gothamist can't help but notice a Rush & Molloy item about media couple, Amanda Hesser (everyone's favorite NY Times food writer/target) and Tad Friend (New Yorker writer):

What did New York Times food critic Amanda Hesser do when she found out her husband, New Yorker contributor Tad Friend, had slept with four of his female friends before the two writers got together? She "zeroed in on my mattress as the Indian burial ground of my rootless past...She announced that she could no longer sleep on it - too spooky" [wrote Friend in the compilation, Committed.]

Remember when Friend would just write about riding on Segways with Hesser? Gothamist supposes Friend is trying to get even for Hesser's cooking-diary of their relationship, Cooking for Mr. Latte, but she doesn't quite kiss and tell to that degree. But this does make Gothamist think that this could be a killer strategy for future Sleepy's or 1-800-Mattres(s) advertising: "Get rid of your boyfriend's bad bedroom mojo by getting rid of the bed!"

Have you gotten rid of your bed for similar reasons? And do you even rotate your mattress? Gothamist is kinda dumb about this stuff, so we end up going online to remind us how to rotate over and over again. Plus, the ultimate bedding tale: The Princess and the Pea.