We've known that artist Brandon Bird is a fan of Law & Order—we admired his painting of Lennie Briscoe with a Hot Dog back in 2003, loved his Law & Order Coloring Book, was impressed by a commissioned painting of Briscoe and ADA Jack McCoy and said "Choo-choose me" with these special SVU Valentines. However, his latest effort is truly something else: He's put together a show of artists' paintings based the "one-line DirecTV summary of a Law & Order, SVU, or Criminal Intent episode."

Naturally, the show is called "These Are Their Stories"—check out some of the works above. Bird says:

For twenty years, the heroes of "Law & Order" have navigated literally hundreds grotesque tragedies, moral quandries, and improbable crimes.

Each piece is an artist's interpretation of a one-line episode summary from the DirecTV program guide. Like the series that inspired them, they are sometimes straightforward and sometimes offer a twist; sometimes they contain no easy answers, and sometimes they are just plain goofy.

Caveat: The show is at Meltdown in Los Angeles later this month. But if any intrepid New Yorkers know of (or have) gallery space that needs filling in the next few months, contact Brandon (here's his email) —he'd love to exhibit pieces such as "Death of a Bully," "An Egocentric Poet's Journal," and "A Suspicious Nasal Spray!"