The police arrested 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace last night after allegedly lunging at an officer from the Taxi and Limousine Commission. The TLC inspectors were questioning Wallace's double-parked driver outside of Luke's (Third Avenue and East 79th Street), where Wallace was picking up a takeout order of meatloaf (Gothamist loves details like that). Wallace apparently "interfered" with the inspectors, with the TLC spokesman describing the situation as such:

He became overly assertive and was reported to be disrespectful to the inspectors. He was asked three times to step away from the vehicle and cease interfering. At one point Mr. Wallace appeared to lunge toward one of the two inspectors. The other inspector became concerned with his partner's safety and at that point cuffed Mr. Wallace.

Amazing. The owner of Luke's, Luigi Militello, says that one of the inspectors told Wallace not to "give [him] any lip." Another restaurant owner nearby said the 86 year-old Wallace said, "I'm not giving any lip," and was later thrown against the car and cuffed, with the officer saying, "Anybody else?" Other witnesses agreed, saying that the TLC inspectors were throwing their power around. Wallace told the Post he hasn't been arrested since the 1968 Democrative Convention. Gothamist thinks that Mike Wallace is an inpsiration, because we can only hope that when we're 86 years old that we won't go down without a fight.

Here's the 60 Minutes website and a Museum.tv profile of Wallace. Wallace has admitted to having depression and participated in the HBO documentary about it, Dead Blue. And Christopher Plummer's portrayal of Wallace in The Insider is only one of many fine performances in that film.