Do you live at 305A President St? This is your apartment in 1978, and the old tenants, the Pantanos. (via NYPL)

Not too long ago we looked back at what some Brooklyn apartments were like in the late '70s (spoiler: a lot bigger). The collection of images had exact addresses, and the names of the people who lived there at the time. Which got us to wondering what our own apartment was like back in the day. Well, turns out the NYPL can probably help you find out. Today, they asked, "Have you ever wondered who lived in your apartment before you?" They also answered: "Thanks to the Library's Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy, you can gain access to hundreds of resources to help solve the mystery."

They give a step-by-step instruction guide on how to use their resources to discover more about your home. It's just gonna take you some time. You'll likely have to sift through some "maps, census data, city directories, land conveyances, photographs, newspapers, local histories, and all manner of ephemera available at The New York Public Library and beyond." But they assure you, it is possible to construct a history of your home. Before you get started though, make sure you aren't one of the lucky ones who lives in an apartment that was shot by photographer Dinanda Nooney in the '70s—you can search her photos right here.