Carlos D of Interpol

There's an item in Page Six about how contributors to Suicide Girls don't want to be associated with the site anymore (there's a power struggle between publisher and editors there). An insider "sniffs" to the Post, "The magazine quickly went from a contemporary, hip production to a little more than a hipsterized Maxim with nipples." Now, Maxim is problematic and so is hipsterization. But nipples - there ain't anything wrong with that. Interpol's Carlos D is cited as one of the annoyed contributors. Does he not like nipples?

Angelina Jolie was upset when the studio de-nippled her Lara Croft picture. A recent egregious nipple moment in a movie was in 50 First Dates, when a rain-drenched Drew Barrymore's nipples are a little too distracting to what was supposed to be a sad moment in the film. Yes, we know it was an Adam Sandler film, but 50 First Dates is actually a lot more complex than you'd think. Complex, with walrus penis size jokes (check out the "Sandler & Sivuqoc" clip here).