Here's something you don't see every day: a German battleship chugging up the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge. More tone deaf guerrilla marketing for The Man in the High Castle? Allies coming to liberate our city from the hostile foreign-backed power that's seized Washington? A Berlin-based military-themed ferry service here to disrupt the L train shutdown?

German navy ship going up the East River. Uhhh....hmmm.

from r/nyc

Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Steven Strohmaier confirms the vessel is a German battleship "in town on a friendly port call." Strohmaier identified the ship as a Hamburg missile frigate that had been tied up this morning on the west side of Manhattan. It was then spotted by a Redditor as it made its way north up the East River.

Though he could not say where the vessel is headed, Strohmaier noted that some ships head out to sea by sailing north up the East River through Long Island Sound. Maybe it's not too late to hitch a ride?