The Lonely Planet folk are pitting San Francisco against New York City... and we're getting our collective ass kicked right now in their poll. Turns things around! They've taken 15 locations in each city, and want you to pick favorites (the view from the Brooklyn Bridge or Twin Peaks, that sort of thing). They also note that you can get street cred in NYC by not pointing or squealing at the rats (so basically, this guy wins).

Our issue, however, is with their "Best Attraction Even Locals Don't Know" category, declaring NYC's to be the New York Panorama in the Queen's Museum of Art... but people know about that, right? Let us know your favorite NYC attraction, as a local, and we'll get our own poll together with your suggestions. This could range from taking the A train to Rockaway, a favorite hidden corner of a park, or a lesser known museum—the sky(scraper)'s the limit!