abby_cadabby.jpgSome start the day with CNN or the Today Show. However, there is a whole cult of parents who start the day with "Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away..." For us parents who spend every morning between 7 and 8am with Sesame Street, the coming a brand new character was something to which we could really look forward. After weeks of television, radio and print promotion Abby Cadabby , the first new female muppet in a decade made her debut today. A self proclaimed "fairy godchild", Abby's trademarks seem to be her glittery pink wings, her cell phone capable magic wand and, oh yeah, her vapid Paris Hilton-like demeanor. Shy and soft spoken, Abby repeatedly whisper-whined that she didn't know how (to play hide and seek, to count to ten) and literally disappeared when she felt unsure. So, excuse my need to put the feminist hat on here for a minute, but Gothamist felt the new Abby was a lot less impressive than the spunky Zoey and the tough Prairie Dawn. Gothamist Baby seemed completely uninterested. We'll give her that she's only supposed to be three years old, but even baby Natasha has a stronger presence.

On a high note, Law and Order: Missing Letters Unit also made its debut. Maybe the L&O crew can help Abby Cadabby find her charm.