With 2006 coming to a close, there's a lot to look forward to in the new year. Some expected highlights:

2006_12_arts_newmuseum.gifMuseums:The New Museum on Bowery will be opening. Yes, it's another oddly shaped building that will stick out amongst the old lighting and restaurant supply shops in the area, but we're all for more art downtown. This museum will be bringing more of the uptown art world, below 14th.

Venues: This year we saw new venue, The Box, open. Coming up...Bowery Presents has a lot up their sleeves for next year. Right now we'll focus on what's already been confirmed. They're taking over Northsix, naming it the ever so literal Music Hall of Williamsburg. We're looking forward to the other changes they'll bring to the venue, and keep our fingers crossed that the bleechers will stay put. Meanwhile Luna Lounge will reopen, the new space is in Williamsburg and will be booked by Live Nation. Sadly, 2007 may also bring us the closing of Galapagos.

Shops: Japanese retailer Uniqlo settled in to Soho in 2006, the new Apple store opened with much fanfare and Viktor & Rolf caused a stir at H&M. 2007 has got the old Limelight (also Avalon) being turned in to a mall, and a Topshop may be coming to town...finally!

Restaurants: We just want Grilled Cheese NYC to reopen!

What are you looking forward to?