Proof that the internet is indeed made of magic, here is your preview of the 6 Packs 9 Lives 2012 calendar, featuring, as the name implies, buff men with freaking adorable kitties. Take a moment. Are you done yet? Good.

After placing our order, we spoke to John Fulton, host of Animal Planet's Must Love Cats, to get some perspective on the calendar. Like will it single-handedly debunk the myth that only crazy cat ladies love cats? Fulton says, "I've been all over the country meeting people who love cats. Men love cats, kids love cats, women who are young and totally professional love cats. You don't have to be crazy to have a couple of cats. Cats are for everybody." (In other words, this calendar is going to sell.)

But does sex really sell... with cats? The host tells us, "I can understand why girls would want that. If you showed me a swimsuit model posing with a bunch of puppies, I would love them both. Differently, but equally. It's two different types of cute."

It's possible this magic calendar will even bring you together with your soul mate—Fulton says, "I've definitely seen cats bring people together. I met a couple that flew all over the country to see different cat shows. Some people follow The Grateful Dead, some people go to cat shows." And cat calendar people, he also added: "I'm just disappointed that I wasn't asked to be in the calendar."