2005_04_joeypotter.jpgSo, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are dating. Or "dating." They are "something." Surely, this is an upgrade for Katie, whose former fiance was Chris "Rollerball" Klein and whose alleged recent NYC street smooching partner was Josh "Bedhead" Hartnett, but how much an upgrade, we're not so sure. And who knew that former stars of The WB could travel in such lofty circles? For Cruise, it's almost like he's veering into yucky old man territory: Think Kevin Costner and Don Johnson with their much younger ladies (he may be Tom Cruise, but he's no Jack Nicholson or Warren Beatty). Was Katie worried about her post-Dawson's career - like, did her manager fritter away all his money? Did she feel the need to trump Michelle William's pregnancy? Did Tom's manager say, "Next time you date, date an American"? Questions questions questions! Expect this relationship to last at least through the premieres of War of the Worlds and Batman Begins.

Forgive us, readers...Gothamist had always hoped for a real Katie Holmes-Joshua Jackson pairing. You can see Dawson's Creek on TBS at 10AM and 11AM on TBS.