Replica of the 1939 time capsule under Queens

Yesterday we revisited the time capsule that was buried 50-feet underground in Queens during the 1939 World's Fair—it won't be dug up again for over 4,000 more years. Since we won't get the satisfaction of seeing that one unearthed, we started thinking about what would be in a NYC-centric time capsule made today (let's say 2000 - present day)—what would we like future generations to know about the five boroughs as it is now? We have some suggestions...

  • CitiBike FOB
  • A Cronut, magically preserved
  • A Ramen Burger, also preserved
  • MetroCard
  • Subway and bus map
  • Copies of the NY Times, The Daily News, The NY Post, The New Yorker
  • Video of 9/11/01 coverage
  • A replica of Mayor Bloomberg in Deal With It glasses
  • Ray Kelly's turtleneck and blazer
  • A $5 black umbrella, broken
  • Photographs of the more iconic, smaller venues and restaurants that aren't landmarked, just in case: Katz's, Bowery Ballroom, etc.
  • This URL written down: — we might be biased, but Mr. Horine does a fine job of capturing the city
  • A link to our Ask A Native New Yorker column, since everyone in the future will be a gentrifier
  • A photo of the space where the Urban Outfitters lifestyle center is slated to go, since soon we will not remember a world in which it didn't have a bar
  • Photos of street art, maybe some Hanksy?
  • All of Phish's NYC shows on DVD, including this one:

  • Artisanal mayo
  • A sealed test tube of water from the Gowanus Canal
  • Craft cocktail recipes stuffed into a mason jar
  • Pizza recipe from Juliana's

What else you got?