According to debunked doomsday prognosticator Harold Camping, tomorrow is the Rapture...again. Camping knows you doubt him, since no heathens burst into flames in 1994 or on May 21, which was his last prediction for Judgment Day 2011: Turn Off The Dark. But Camping assures that it'll happen this time—albeit "very very quietly," perhaps SO quietly you don't even notice anything happened at all. But instead of viewing all this cynically, maybe there's a half-glass-full way to appreciate our impending doom; after all, how many times in one life can you say for sure you know you only have one day to live?

Now that you're prepared for the end—you aren't going to be fooled by any falling satellites—how will would you spend the next 24 hours or so before the Rapture sweeps through? Sure, the Ned Flanders of this world will ascend to the heavens on the wings of baby angels or whatever, but the rest of us (and that includes anyone who reads Gothamist, we imagine) only have a scant day to enjoy ourselves before hellfire spews from manhole covers.

We're sure everyone has their own ideas on how they'd spend their last night on Earth—listening to the entire Tom Waits catalogue, copious amounts of sex, binging on foie gras doughnuts, hijacking an airplane and flying it into the sun. But click through to check out some suggestions for how certain notable New Yorkers, city officials and protest groups might spend their time before Little Nicky goes from box office bummer to real life one.