Uh oh: The NY Post is reporting that the third season of Chappelle's Show is getting a late start due to "llness and a 'Sopranos'-like display of artistic control." Chappelle reportedly has had the flu and "borderline walking pneumonia," plus has been busy working on other projects (like Wattstax), and sure, Comedy Central threw $50 million at him to continue doing his show, which would, in Gothamist's mind, make anyone a diva. But the delay in starting the third season means that the show won't debut until late April/May, instead of February 16. And the second season DVD's release will also be delayed (you know, marketing synergies). Gothamist just hopes that Chappelle gets better and that the scuttlebutt is just from jealous writers and not an indication that the show will suffer due to egos (remember season three of the Sopranos - uneven but had great episodes) , because if there's one thing that we'd like for Christmas, it's more new Chappelle's Show.

Speaking of hilarity on Comedy Central, the past season of South Park has been so amazingly unhinged. Four words: Paris Hilton as Lemmiwinks.