Photo by Richard Dworkin

Not long ago, Tom Riggle shared his collection of old photos with us, including one of a truck on the streets of 1970s New York City—the truck had a brunette mannequin attached to the side of it. "Only in New York!," etc. Today, Richard Dworkin sent over the above photo, which he took in SoHo in 1976, telling us:

"I too photographed the Speed wagon! Was here on the first tour I ever did. We performed at the Cunningham studio in Westbeth, and at Environ and The Brook. We all stayed in Sarah Rudner's loft at the west end of Canal Street. I remember shooting this photo in SoHo... Apparently she had moved left to right or transmogrified by the spring of '76."

Was it a tribute to Cynthia? Commentary on the dangers of being a pedestrian on the city's car heavy streets? Was REO Speedwagon somehow involved? Was the driver Banksy's dad? We have absolutely no answers for you, but feel free to leave your theories and wild speculations in the comments—talk is cheap when the story is good.