2007_03_noami2.jpgNaomi Campbell left her community service stint at the Department of Sanitation warehouse on South Street wearing an $8,000 Dolce & Gabbana gown. No, the other community service folks and DOS didn't throw her a party - she apparently had to run off to a photo shoot right after finishing the final day of her 5-day community service sentence after throwing her bejeweled cellphone at a housekeeper. Much to the delight of the paparazzi and residents in a neighboring apartment complex, a glamorous looking Campbell posed for photographs as she walked to a Rolls Royce.

The Post freaked out about Naomi's gown, calling it a "disgraceful exit" and says the gown "mocked" paying back a debt to society. The Department of Sanitation wasn't upset with Campbell's catwalk finish, with Deputy Chief Albert Durrell saying, "As long as they take their clown suit off and they work for us, I'm good," and said she did a good job. "She was on her hands and knees at one point today. She did scrub the upstairs bathroom." And a sanitation spokesman said Campbell "cleaned the supervisor's office a few days ago, and it hasn't smelled this clean in years."

Earlier this week, Naomi was wearing other kinds of high fashion. And the handsome fellow the supermodel befriended during community service (she got him to carry her bag on Wednesday, after a DOS cop carried her bag on Tuesday to much teasing) was carrying her bag yesterday and left in another car in Campbell's entourage.

Photographs of Campbell's community service finale by Jason DeCrow/AP