A bad date for Carrie; Photo - HBO

Just what woman needs: Reasons why that first date went so badly - it was the way you were dressed! The Post asks some guys how women should dress on a first date and the answers are all over the place: "A skirt says there's been too much effort" while "I think summer dresses are pretty sexy, the thin patterned styles especially." Or "Black may be most New Yorkers' favorite color, but that doesn't make it date-worthy" and "I'm a huge, huge fan of stilettos" but "The most important thing on any date is that you feel confident - not to mention comfortable" (Gothamist holds firm that black is comfortable and confident).

Gothamist wonders, since many first dates happen after work, should a gal get all dolled up, for everyone at work to comment, "Oooh, are you going on a date?" and then be subject to post-date inquisition? Our advice: Wear a favorite outfit that wouldn't be too out of place at work but that doesn't paint you as a bore. Stilettos are hot, but let's face it, you've got a long day ahead. You could bring them to the office, but then you're walking out of the office in them, which would still raise questions. That's where the Post's "Go for comfort" maxim makes the most sense. And, really, fashion is the least of your worries on a first date.

And while Gothamist's XX factor may be bitter, we must admit we're glad that metrosexuality has ruined straight men's self-perceptions for at least the next few seasons.

What do you wear on first dates?