Once in a while, the Today Show can really come through, because it's made any possible Ethan Hawke sighting marginally more interesting. See, during a Today Show interview, apparently either Hawke or one of his handlers told the Today Show (probably in a pre-interview) - or maybe the crack Today Show research team dug this up - that he gets mistaken for Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath. Gothamist couldn't tell if Hawke was irritated or amused, but them's the breaks when you are white, chiseled and prone to growing suspect facial hair from time to time. So, if you're wandering around the West Village or Chelsea and see Hawke, tell him how much you love his duet with Shania, and how you were doubtful of him hosting Extra, but now you love catching up on all the Jennifer-and-Brad gossip with him. Finally, email Gawker Stalker. It's probably a nice break from all the "Damn! I can't believe you let Uma get away!"