The annual No Pants Subway Ride—that festive-if-contrived occasion that encourages pants-hating New Yorkers to bum-rush the subways and pants-hating haters to get all riled up about it—is happening today starting at 3 p.m. It's important information to know in case you want to avoid the hordes of pantsless straphangers—or, ya know, if you want to drop trou and join in. Organizers may be facing a shortage of skinny legs this year thanks to the the flu epidemic. Will fear of catching a communicable disease keep the unpantsed masses from turning up? Please?

Either way, you can get all the relevant information about the event here. As always, people are encouraged to leave their cameras at home—but since some of you are obviously not going to do that, you should feel free to send pics to, or tag them as "Gothamist" on Flickr.