Soft Claws

Seeing this post on Engadget about "Soft Claws," basically press-on nails for your cat (they "come in five colors and are supposed to keep your furniture from being scratched up while also making your pet more attractive to other cats"), simultaneously delighted and intrigued us. What lengths will pet owners go to give their pets a taste of the human life? We see animals in raincoats or in baby papooses on their owners' chests... as well as cats in leopard print hammocks. Then there are those people who turned their house into their cats' house, putting scratching posts and elevated catwalks all over (start the slideshow)...should we expect spas to offer services for our cats or dogs while we our spa stuff done? Sit in a pedicure chair, next to you kitty or puppy getting a peticure!

MUG on places for pet services and HGTV on pet palaces.