New Yorkers are good at finding creative ways to pay the rent. One 20-something couple is painting each thing they want, and selling the painting for the exact price of the item they're hankering for. So a painting of an iPhone will set you back $432.32 and a painted slice of pepperoni will cost you 3 bucks. They even painted their rent...and more optimistically: a million dollar bill (in their work titled Financial Security). The nice thing is that they're also giving others what they want, some of the painting proceeds go to charity (so far one in Africa and one in New Orleans).

Creative panhandling or second job? Maybe a little of both. Also, you may remember the man's name on that big rent check above from last year, when he was selling NYC trash. Check out their wants here, when they set their eye on something they want, they update the site with a new painting.