As warming temperatures melt the wet, heavy snow slanket that descended upon our city last night, and as the runoff pools in deep canals separating curb from street, Gothamist must reissue an evergreen warning: Be very careful when fording the NYC slush lagoons, because you never know what kind of sodden beast dwells in their oily depths. Safer to take a running leap across, or to skirt their swampy banks, lest your snow boot skim the trash-choked sewer grate and wake the rot monster slumbering under all that sludge.

Oh, it's just a little puddle, you say? Those subterranean gators are just an urban legend? You're being dramatic to get clicks? Maybe, but then again, maybe not. Follow illustrator Matt Lubchansky down to the soggy bottom of the slush lagoon: We all float down here, friend.


[Editor's note: We first published Lubchansky's illustrated warning in 2016; some commenters will recall it from then, but many will not, and it is for them we have brought this back today.]