The subway is the great equalizer in this city—everyone from Ruth Madoff to Princess Leia uses it to get around (along with Jason and the occasional zombie). But we can't quite figure out what Edward Scissorhands was doing on the F train this morning. Perhaps he's on his way uptown to sweep Winona Ryder off her feet?

Tipster Michael Hearst snapped the pic around 11:30 a.m. today, telling us, "He boarded around Delancey Street and departed at 42nd Street. Everyone on the train tried to play it cool. In fact, the man sitting next to him with the book started looking around and whistling to himself, which made me laugh even harder. But a few people pulled out their phones to snap pics, and he saw and totally posed for them. I didn't want a posed shot. Eventually he settled in and shut his eyes."

This Edward's makeup seems a bit heavy-handed compared to the original, but his scissor hands look like a fairly faithful recreation. Here's a look at Johnny Depp done up as Edward—you be the judge: