On his hit single "Worst Behavior," famous rapper Drake mentions his roots as a semi-famous teen actor who played Jimmy, a wheelchair-using character from the Canadian show Degrassi. Now, the semi-famous NYC Parks Department has tapped the rapper's likeness to drop a hot new banger of its own. DJ, run that rendering back!

Yes, that's clip art of a young Drake in a wheelchair using one of the forthcoming accessibility ramps in an image of what's to come during renovations at Fort Greene Park. The image was spotted buried in a Parks Department proposal by Brokelyn, and it also features Joshua Kissi of the lifestyle/street fashion blog Street Etiquette.

"Started at the bottom of Fort Greene Park’s signature hill, now we’re here with the final design, which takes care to create a more welcoming park entrance - with improved views,” Parks Department hype man Sam Biederman told the New York Post in an email Tuesday. (You can page through the entire proposal here.)

And so, there you have it! Somebody did a thing! Nobody got hurt (except for Jimmy, who was shot in the back in season four of Degrassi). Gothamist fully supports this kind of operational skullduggery from our city officials. And now here, for your listening pleasure, is the best Drake song.

[h/t brokelyn]