Courtesy of Improv Everywhere

Nothing is more infuriating than coming into contact or even being anywhere in the vicinity of someone who is walking and texting. Texting zombies don't just walk into things and people, they also have an inconsistent pace, making it maddening to walk behind them. They are just terrible. But we're probably all guilty of becoming one at some point. What if there were Seeing Eye People to help out with this problem? Below, Improv Everywhere explores the idea, which consists of a human leash. They explain:

"We posed as city workers providing a ridiculous solution to the 'texting and walking' epidemic in New York. Our team of 60 participants divided into two groups: Half were 'Seeing Eye People' wearing orange vests, and half were individuals texting and walking, connected to the Seeing Eye People via leashes. The Seeing Eye People claimed to be part of a Department of Transportation pilot program."