Every day, the city is becoming more and more of a playground for the rich, a gilded luxury product whose only purpose is to be one more interchangeable real estate money laundry for the extremely rich and morally questionable. When you think about it, it's really only a matter of time before the right developer secures the rights to transform all that wasted empty real estate inside the Statue of Liberty into luxury condos with definitive amenities breathtaking views. The video below is a parody... for now:

Yes, One Liberty is very obviously a parody of luxury housing websites and marketing. On the other hand, compare it to the website for One Manhattan Square and you tell me which one is real.

From to "Immigrate to luxury" to "Goodbye huddled masses, hello muddled cocktails" to the promise that the up-and-coming LiBi will be home to David Chang concept hot dog cart Spicy Mustard™ perfectly parodies the empty, soulless attempts at marketing hipness through real estate speak.

Shit, the site even advertises a pair of brokers who DEFINITELY are Spireworks users when they're not big game hunting or providing "white-glove service " to various cast members of the Real Housewives of New York City, New Jersey or Beverly Hills.

So while no, the Statue of Liberty isn't in any danger of being turned into "72 impeccable residences" including an "exclusive in-torch penthouse," at least we know what the website will look like when the day finally comes.