No one wants to look out a window and see the bleak reality of the present day, but what choice have we got! Well, soon we may be able to transport ourselves through the window into happier days of yore, which were probably just as bleak but at least there were no 7-Elevens.

Dutch designer Ilse Heesterbeek has created “History Travels With You,” which turns your public transportation commute into a travel back in time, complete with a history lesson and photos. According to FastCo, her proposed design was based on a public bus "equipped with a transparent touch-screen smart window where text, graphics, video fragments, and interactive buttons offer riders a chance to learn what happened on the streets that they are driving through."


The chances of the MTA doing this are about... zero. There are zero chances. But maybe someone can make an app or something—we've got so much history on these streets!