Original photo via Dan Nguyen

For whatever reason (promo), there's a giant sculpture of Colin Firth-as-Mr. Darcy in a lake in England right now, and it reminded us that we never get anything cool in our bodies of water (unless you count gonohorrea or a misguided publicity stunt). So, we've taken the liberty of placing the romantic hero in the East River, blocking the view of the horrendous Verizon Building—please feel free to place him in Central Park, the Gowanus, your bathtub, or wherever your heart desires:


Our in-house Jane Austen scholar, Jen Chung, would now like to point out that the miniseries lake scene being portrayed here "ruins the moment (WHICH IS NOT IN THE BOOK). You need to point out only Colin Firth does this—Matthew McFayden doesn't, and Lawrence Olivier sure as hell never did. Sending you a photo of the passage from Pride & Prejudice... nothing about wet shirt."


But, still... swoooon: