A group of friends have banded together around an adorable little idea aimed at helping New Yorkers be less dicks to each other. In their Utopian ideal of the city, instead of glares, loud sighs, and absolute avoidance of eye contact, we'll be dealing each other smiles and pleasant greetings. Sometimes the most impossible task—like breaking through the collective hard shell of New York cynicism—has the simplest solution, and theirs is a nametag.

Would you wear a nametag for a day in order to make their rainbows and sunshine version of the city come to life?

Nametag Day is happening on June 1st, and you can get every little detail on their website or their Facebook page or their Tumblr or by just closing your eyes and meditating on the positive. They explain:

"Ever wanted to connect with the millions of New Yorkers walking past you? Each day brings opportunities to make new friends and share experiences. All too often, we can forget to notice the people around us. Nametag Day aims to break this barrier and strengthen the human element of the New York experience, adding a bit of spontaneity and silliness to people's day."

There will be people handing out nametags that day for those who want to participate. And why not? It'll be like living in a small town, and we can go back to ignoring each other on June 2nd.