So, Gothamist reading NY magazine when our eye was caught by the Economy of One column, How Would Kate Spade Spend $14,500?. The subheadline read, "The designer budgets her salary at her first job—fashion assistant at Mademoiselle magazine—for herself and her baby-to-be," and we thought, "Ooh, we'll get tips on how to live on the super cheap from Kate Spade!" And then we soon found it was really about Kate Spade as Kate Spade, handbag + more extraordinaire, spending $14,500 on cooking lesson, dog grooming, and other stuff. Silly Gothamist, when we will ever learn? We're just used to mad cash when it comes to Monopoly.

NY magazine's Economy of One column has celebrities spending certain fixed amounts of money that correlate with something in the celebrities' lives, like how Michael Stipe would spend $3,018.86, the cost of R.E.M's first van - one of the things is a margherita pizza from Otto! [Check out Gothamist Food's "Ask Your Bartender" post with Otto bartender, Bill Riley.]