The Observer has an article that, upon reading it, appears to have been written two years ago. "Blog Ghetto" scratches the surface of a scene that's been around for quite a while, and uncovers things such as: bloggers sometimes hang out with each other...and drink...at The Magician (and other "Hell Square" watering holes). The profile on the scene makes it seem very 90210-esque, even calling The Magician "Blogger High's Peach Pit" and picking out a Dylan McKay-esque resident stud (apparently A.J. Daulerio).

There is nothing mentioned of the drugs, the glaring hostilities between the different blog crews and what happens after The Magician closes. Sure there is reference to hook-ups and drug use ("one professional blogger confessed to The Observer her burning desire to somehow 'smoke pot and snort coke at the same time.'”), and the illicit "hot tub incident" ("One regular, however, did report an illicit hot-tub soak involving some of the city’s better-known bloggers, which resulted in their expulsion from the Hotel on Rivington")...but there's a lot unwritten between those lines (we suppose they are best not blogged about).

Of note: The hot tub incident included our very own Jake Dobkin (photo), which may be why he was answering The Observer's questions via email (dude was totally blacklisted after that).

Pictured: Jake Dobkin and Andrew Krucoff (Dobkoff?) at, where else, The Magician.