The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges; Photo: Bluejake

It's Valentine's Day, where red, pink and hearts have infiltrated 75% of stores' windows in the city. The Post talks with some Valentine's Day objectors, but Gothamist is over complaining about how commercialized Valentine's Day is because (a) we're way too good at it and (b) our basic stance now is that any holiday that involves candy must be all right (hello, marked down Valentine's candy tomorrow!). Truly, the only thing worthy of our love is New York City. Or a vat of BBQ. Or a cat with GI problems. Or a panda.

The Post article also has anti-Valentine's Day evening activities as well as how tomorrow will put the chill on today's warmth. The history of Valentine's Day from the History Channel and the best Valentine's Day card ever, courtesy the Simpsons.