Marc Jacobs bag

There's an article in the Post today that's both sweet and scary: How people obsessed with certain big ticket items (well big ticket for twentysomethings) have great friends who will chip in to buy them as gifts. Some of the presents mentioned included Manolo Blahniks shoes, jewelry, and a Marc Jacobs bag. The Marc Jacobs bag was purchased by a groups of publicists for their boss who would talk about the Stella bag every day. The boss and proud new owner of the bag told the Post , "Anytime I sit down in a meeting, it's the first thing we talk about." That's what we mean by sweet and scary. Sweet because, aw, that's so nice of the friends - and it's a great idea to get something the gift recepient would really want. Scary because yammering about a purse seems obscene or just very fin-de-siecle-the-world-is-ending. Plus, it's annoying. But don't mind us - Gothamist is just bitter because we STILL HAVEN'T FOUND a panda on our doorstep.

Pooling together money for a friend's gift is a great idea. You can do due diligence by asking him/her questions while reading product porn or window shopping, snooping through his/her journal, or calling up his/her parents or significant others. Or make 'em sign up for an Amazon wish list. And hey, you can even buy the Marc Jacobs Stella bag on Amazon.