At this point, Gothamist is more enthralled by the Real World Road Rules challenge than either of the actual shows that lend it their name. I mean come on! Tonya pretends to be so misunderstood! Katie and Veronica hate each other! Coral secretly has really bad bangs! Now that's good television.

2005_08_artsrealworld.jpgStill, when it comes down to it we have a deep love for all things Bunim-Murray which is why we recommend checking out The Real Real World at the UCB on Thursday at 9:30. The true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house (the strangers include a boy in a bubble, a Nazi, and Oscar Wilde) is one that is told time and again but worth checking out. Showing with RRW is nstant Cinema, where an improvised movie is created on the spot by some of the UCB’s best performers.

Also, Wednesday night is the Brutal Honesty series, produced by Giulia Rozzi, Lianne Stokes and Becky Yamamoto. Brutal Honesty is a storytelling show featuring performers, writers and musicians all telling stories based on this month’s theme “Food Issues: Eat It Up”. Performers include Gothamist’s own Rachel Kramer Bussel and mistress of puns Michelle Collins.
Brutal Honesty – Ottos Shrunken Head – 538 E. 14th St. betw. A/B – 9:30pm - Free