Click here for larger version (Courtesy of Two Trees)

For almost two weeks the iconic green triangle next to the Manhattan Bridge archway in DUMBO has been cordoned off, as Brooklyn artist David Ellis paints a mural over it. Throughout the first week it transformed quickly—from the first day when we thought it was getting a ketchup and mustard makeover, to new shapes and colors appearing with each passing day. But since last week it's been at a standstill, even though the triangle has remained blocked off from pedestrian traffic (can we get a "FREE THE TRIANGLE" chant?). Once the artwork (titled "PST" for Pearl Street Triangle) is sealed, the triangle will be reopened... we're told that would happen today, but this morning it was still blocked off.

FREE THE TRIANGLE! (Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

We took a quick poll in the office this morning to gauge opinions on the triangle, which sits in the shadows of Gothamist HQ, and is said to have started with a reference to the Ground Zero space, and is supposed to show how “we can pull ourselves up." Our polling results showed that 100% of men LOVE the triangle, and 100% of women do not. What does it mean?

  • Chris Robbins: "I do like the triangle. It's much-needed color to a sterile ass neighborhood. Whoever DOESN'T like the mural is a philistine who deserves to be fed $14 Foragers sandwiches in Hell until their entrails explode. Or something."
  • John Del Signore: "I don't like it — I LOVE it! But maybe you've got to see it from above to fully appreciate it though. From the Manhattan Bridge bike path it looks amazing."
  • Garth Johnston: "I like it more now that I can see what it is. Yeah, i think i might!"
  • Jake Dobkin: "It has a kind of Diego Rivera quality that I like, and good three dimensionality. I'm not sure I like what that right hand is doing though, it kind of looks like a bad touch."
  • Rebecca Fishbein: "I have very mixed feelings."
  • Jen Chung: "I guess i like that it's painted? I'm not sure about the image."
  • Nell Casey: "Is there a 'sort of' option? It's better than the green but it's... kind of creepy?"

The author of this post is also torn; there was something nice about the simplicity of the green blank canvas... and who wants to eat lunch on top of what looks like a Freddy Krueger-pulling-you-into-the-boiler-room nightmare drawn by Maurice Sendak? Fetch us our $14 Foragers sandwich!