Sophia Loren in her bedroom, June 1964 (LIFE)

If you are reading this on a chaise lounge from the living room of your palatial apartment in the sky, you can just stop reading right now. The rest of you are likely living the New York City Dream in a teeny tiny apartment, maybe even a studio, maybe even one without windows or corners to weep in. And maybe you have a little Bed Island (or a Murphy Bed) where you spend most of your time indoors. So, beside sex and sleeping, what do you use your bed for? That's such a personal question... but isn't it nice to discuss intimate things with strangers sometimes as a way of connecting and not feeling so alone?

This lady lists off everything from from resting, dreaming, reading, eating dinner, fucking, and clipping her toenails—"cause nothing else fits in this New York City apartment, but a bed."