In case you missed the 23 minute infomercial announcing its annual return, The Gathering of the Juggalos (or "GOTJ" for those who don't like typing) is coming up this August. The nightmare-fueled festival is at a safe distance from New York City—happening over in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois—but that doesn't mean we can't all talk about it. Don't worry, the Juggalos won't hear us, it's safe here.

So, recently one man set out on the streets of New York to ask New Yorkers which events taking place at the fest were real, and which were fake. It was a trick question, because they were all real—but we'd like to personally congratulate every New Yorker he asked for getting the answer wrong. Seriously, you make us proud. Keep up the good work reading books and The Economist and keep doing the Sunday crossword and don't ever attend anything called "Hogdaddy's Hellfire." You did a real good job out there not knowing about the Juggalos, and we commend you.

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