This past week, somebody left a giant refrigerator on the B/D/F/M platform at the West 4th St station; and today, the Post reports that two television sets were also abandoned at the 6 train's Spring Street station. This isn't exactly a new phenomenon or trend (although the Post might have you believe so), but it got us thinking: what cool junk have you found on the subway?

After years of an incredibly inadequate MTA lost and found department—during a test of it in 2007, only three of 26 items successfully made it to the office—the MTA redesigned their web-based Lost & Found claims system. However, let's just say that in our recent experiences, we've found there's still a lot of room for improvement in their system.

We've come across cobras, prosthetic legs, computer mouses, dentures, crutches, boom boxes, and we've heard of people coming across everything from used cooking pots to discarded trumpets. An "exasperated" MTA worker told the Post he's seen even larger items: "I've seen futons and sofas, bicycles, shopping carts." So what is the coolest item you've come across on the subway...and have you ever taken an item you found?