Would exchange your extra Radiohead ticket for one of these items?

Everyone in New York City wants one thing right now: Radiohead tickets. Which means the people holding them have become all powerful, at least for the next few days. One man with an extra posted to Craigslist saying he didn't want money, but rather "priceless heirlooms" and such. We asked this guy what's been offered to him so far, and below is his list:

  • A college student: "5-year-old silver medallion necklace that I wear everywhere/Radiohead live in Germany 2001 vinyl/Auckland Blues Rugby Flag attained at original Auckland game."
  • A Venue Organizer: "Admission to Universal Music 4-day private showcase on Hudson Street in mid-October, with free champagne/food, performances by Elvis Costello/Pete Townsend, and gift bags by Beats by Dr. Dre.
  • Bradley the dentist: "Use of house in VT for the winter/free dental work (including root canals, crowns, wisdom teeth extraction)"
  • An importer: "incredible wine from around the world, France Italy, Spain, Champaign, Cult Cali Cabs, Oregon Pinot, big bottles, magnums, or 30L”
  • An unemployed young woman: "Two tickets to two separate Halloween parties, one at the New Museum, and the other “really underground.”
  • A restauranteur promised: "Two VIP tickets to Gathering of the Vibes next summer with backstage tour/dinner for 4 people at Thyme."
  • A VH1 employee: "My amazing personality."
  • An NYU student: "Two 7-week-old kittens."
  • We'd take this one, personally: "Two orchestra tickets to Jeff Mangum at Town Hall on October 29th."
  • An unemployed young man: "HP Touchpad, new in box." And another offered: "Tickets to the Anderson Cooper Show/Day 3 tickets for ATP NJ"
  • A waitress: "Entrance into any comedy show at [redacted] Comedy Club, and “good greenery”
  • A musician: "A 13-piece composition for 13 musicians to perform in your honor, with influences from jazz, 20th century classical, and Radiohead."
  • A restauranteur: "Free food for a year at [redacted] located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn."