There are a lot of things that annoy New Yorkers, though maybe nothing more than seeing such a complex group of people being reduced to a pie chart. Nevertheless, the Post compiled this chart of things that piss off New Yorkers. So, are they right?

People who block subway doors won as the number one pet peeve for New Yorkers, and ranked the highest in every borough except for Brooklyn. Rashaun Simon, 23, said, "It's a hospitality issue. They're the same people who don't give up their seats to pregnant women." Of the people polled, almost 25% said they were the worst. Adam Duritz, you have been warned!

Coming in a close second is tourists who walk too slow, which would be a lot easier to deal with if they just stayed in their own lane. But surprisingly, cab drivers on cell phones had more votes than street fairs, annoying film crews and terrorizing tip jars combined. Clearly the Post didn't interview Breffny Flynn. And hipsters only wound up in the top four annoyances for Brooklyn, because let's face it, that's where most of them are. One Greenpointer complained, "Property prices go up because of them. They wear those tight pants, flannel shirts, suit jackets, man purses, and there is no need for a scarf in June."

However, one New Yorker took the annoyances in stride. Aramis Reynoso said, "I’ve lived here all my life. The things that annoy you about New York are usually the things that define New York." So keep on complaining!