2006_01_whaletale.jpgThis is so unfair! Londonist tells us that there's a whale in the Thames! Is the Thames that much cleaner than the East River or Hudson? Hmm, nevermind. We have seen harbor seals in the city (in the Gowanus Canal, stranded in another part of Brooklyn, or just hanging around downtown), but never before murky images of a whale. We imagine a shoe or body would clog up the whale's blowhole or that the toxicity of the East River would immediately reject a whale...the Hudson, we're not so sure, but down here, it is an estuary. We could imagine one closer to the Statue of Liberty, though.

Update: The whale is bleeding! And apparently there are more whales at the mouth of the Thames! Even the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott went to catch the whale tale! More on Londonist!

The whale in the Thames seems to be a bottle-nosed whale, which is like a very fat dolphin. The BBC's coverage is funny: "But at 0830 GMT on Friday, a man on a train called in to say he might have been hallucinating, but he had just seen a whale in the Thames." While animal authorities think the whale is doing all right, they are worried the noise and congestion on the river will stress him out. Or the photobloggers- we can't wait to see the whale on Flickr! This is what we found so far, tagged "whale" and "thames".