Hope Hicks will be the Interim White House Director of Communications, following Anthony Scaramucci's brief but beautifully memorable run earlier this summer. Hicks, 28, is best known as Trump's press secretary during his presidential campaign, but for fans of the esteemed NYC author and Gossip Girl creator Cecily von Ziegesar, she might be known for something...different.

You see, long before there was Gossip Girl the show, there was Gossip Girl the series, which also celebrated things like $1200 shoes for teens, eating disorders and Upper East Side private schools, but made Chuck Bass way more of a jerk. The "book" series was popular in the aughts, and in it, the character Jenny Humphrey—played by Taylor Momsen in the show—is very poor and unfortunate because she lives on the Upper West Side and shops at Urban Outfitters.

Somehow, Jenny manages to overcome these challenges and in 2005 she got her own spinoff series, The It Girl. Hope Hicks, then a teen model, was on the cover, holding something called a "Manolo Blahnik."

Let's look at it again.

And now, here we are.

Vogue describes Hicks as "a former model and lacrosse champion from Greenwich, Connecticut." Later, Hicks did PR for Ivanka Trump's organization, in August 2014 she started working for the Trump Organization, and at some point during the presidential campaign, sans any political experience, she started transcribing Trump's tweets.

Her bff is happy for her:

But other than that, reaction to her new appointment has been mixed.

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