2005_03_anomaly.jpgAs everyone gets their bracket on and settles in for March Madness, the new Wes Anderson-directed Dasani commercials will start to air. Ernest Lupinacci, a partner in Anomaly, the upstart advertising agency that won the Dasani business from red cell/Berlin Cameron, spoke to the Observer about the ads that feature humans dressed up as animals:

"The idea behind the spots was that if you found someone who only drank water, and if they drank this water, it would be so much better. It dawned on me: My dog only drinks water. Animals are the perfect spokespersons for bottle water. Playfully, it’s like the classic testimonials. We liked the idea of being in your face. Except if we just had a person talking about the product, that would be a drag."

Hmm. Gothamist isn't so sure about animals as spokes, um, spokesbeings, as we've seen dogs drink water from the toilet, not to mention eat other dog poop. And hamsters (one of the other animals) - don't they sometimes eat their young? But we do like people dressed as animals. And we like water. But we're not that into Dasani's bottling, which are just blue Coke bottles - Gothamist understands factory efficiencies, but please humor us.

Next up for Wes Anderson is more animals - he's directing a film version of Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox. And we loved the little play the Tenenbaum children did, dressed up as different animals, in The Royal Tenenbaums. Read our talk with Anderson, and watch one of his 2002 unboring Ikea commercials.