Recently we found ourselves wondering, "Hey, remember The Killers? Are they still around?" The universe shot back with a resounding yes today. Not only do they have a new album coming out in September—they'll also be taking part in the American Express Unstaged live webcast series in the Bronx. AND they'll be directed by none other than renowned auteur, shoe-eater and Latin scholar Werner Herzog. Check out a preview below.

The show will be webcast live from the Paradise Theater in the Bronx on September 18th at 7 p.m. via YouTube—it's the same day that The Killers new album Battle Born is released. The American Express Unstaged series has made a habit of teaming up bands with interesting directors, including Gary Oldman with Jack White, David Lynch with Duran Duran, and Terry Gilliam with Arcade Fire. But this may be their weirdest pairing yet.

Might we get talking iguanas and voiceovers mulling over the cruelty of nature? "He has ideas for someone crowd-surfing with a camera on," Killers bassist Mark Stoermertold told Rolling Stone. "He's gonna put cameras on Ronnie [Vannucci, Jr.] while he's playing drums." So, is that a definite no on the iguanas? "I think there's gonna be an animal involved," Stoermer said. "I'm sure it will be all done the right way." What are these iguanas doing on my American Express Unstaged stage?!