The poster some Park Slopers found offensive.

Earlier this week FIPS reported that Babeland (the lovable sex toy shop in both Brooklyn and Manhattan) had plastered "every construction fence in the 4th/5th Ave area with a wall of giant advertising posters featuring a tattooed, probably-naked-but-still-suitable-for-MTV/CW, couple ready for a roll in the hay." They noted that after the posters went up, they came down immediately as the Park Slope prudes didn't want their babies to spot them on the way to the bar. The site didn't have an image of the poster, but we just got our hands on one... and we've seen more skin on Sesame Street!

The Babeland folks gave us a little background, saying the (totally legal) poster campaign went up in mid-December with a four week run date, and since they "only pay for one time maintenance," they're not sure who was putting them back up once they were torn down. They also note that next time you have feedback, you can address them directly and they'll be happy to remove the posters.

Or maybe procure a toy at their shop and relax.